From $2 Million to $10 Million Revenue 



"After you get to this post-startup phase, you have to fundamentally almost re-create the business, that's what begins to create the conditions for the next leap in growth."

- Joe Daly 

Businesses with $2 to $10 million in revenue have to rebuilt around:

1. Organisational Alignment  

"Is the business growth-capable?" 

Measures how well a company has aligned its finite resources of time, capital and talent to focus on a clearly defined market and a distinctive point of view.

2. Operating Discipline 

"Can the business scale?"
Looks at businesses' efforts to identify and track key performance indicators and build a capacity for the kind of continual improvement necessary for scalable growth. 


3. Predictability of Performance 

"Are the decision-makers continuously learning?" 

Leaders must draw on past growth experiences to improve their decision-making. It gauges how well feedback systems in the first two conditions are helping leaders set appropriate performance targets and consistently meet them.


4. Endurance of Stakeholders 
"Can employees and other stakeholders endure the growth journey?"
Looks at businesses' efforts to monitor and maintain an emotional commitment to the company among employees and other stakeholders. 


5. Value creation

"Are our actions truly creating value for our stakeholders?"

Companies with high Value Creation have instituted systems that ensure their organization's resources are aligned with their most high-value objectives, and feedback loops that continually improve leaders' ability to achieve them.

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