Pillow of the Prison

Stagnant Tuesday, too late to sleep to early to wake. 

Mindless consumption easier than creation. 


Dopamine flows, the least work for the most reward. 

Slave to the glowing screen in a darkened room, 


Endless objects of desire triggering Oxytoxin

But not for human connection or sex with another, 

Promises disappearing as fast as an imaginary win,

As the cocktail is spread in the body through Serotonin,

Flowing from the head to the toes, masking pain with a sigh,

A blank smile as Endorphins suppresses all feeling, 

The meaningless depths of endless content becoming sky, 

But only for a moment before falling back to the cage. 

Trapped in the prison of yourself. 

There is a way out, 

And the way out is in. 

Look deeply and you will see, 

With the hardest of work, 

You can be the master and not the slave.