The Office Kitchen Knives 

You could cut an apple with a spoon, but a knife makes life a little easier. Sharpening the knife opens new possibilities, like carving it into a ornate shape, or creating slices so thin you can see through them. Here is a collection of tools I have found useful in management and in daily life. Hope you find fun ways to use them! 

The 80/20 Rule by Pareto 

There is a law of diminishing returns that you will notice quickly...

Time Quadrants by Stephen Covey

Move from reacting to everything, to reacting to the important things.

The 5S Organisation System by Toyota

The stuff in our life takes up mental space. Explore organising it.

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Capture. Process. Organise. Reflect. Do. If it can be done in 5 mins, do it.


Inbox Zero by Merlin Mann

Inbox Zero - "the amount of time your brain is in your inbox"
Goal is ideally but not actually zero emails in the inbox. 
When an inbox is confused with a "to do" list, productivity suffers.
Don't leave the email client open.
Process email no more than twice or three times per day. 
Delete or archive as many new messages as possible.
Forward what can be best answered by someone else.
Respond to any  messages that can be answered in two minutes or less.
For ones that take longer, star and review during allocated time. 

Energy Audits by Matt Mochary


Spend 75-80% of your time doing things that energises you. 
Categorise the tasks you do to better manage your energy.
Zone of incompetence = other people do better than you
Zone of competence = Others are just as good as you
Zone of excellence = Things you are better at than others.
Zone of genius = Things only you can do and you enjoy doing. 
Ideally focus on the last one as much as possible. 

Sharing Work by Matt Mochary


Credit, Hard Work, Vulnerability, Duty, Gratitude. 
Credit : “It could not have happened without [name the others involved].” Hard Work : “We had to put in so much to make it happen, [eg..].” Vulnerability : “It was most difficult for me when…”
Duty : “We were driven by our dream to [noble motive].”
Gratitude : “I am so proud and thankful that…”

Eat the Frog by Brian Tracy


Do this first thing in the morning. The day gets easier from there.