The Dalai Lama's Teachings 
Notes from Dharamsala 2019

"The Buddha cannot save you through prayer alone, he shows you a way to walk" .

- H.H. Dalai Lama 

Mahayana Buddhist practices stem from Nalanda University.

Buddhism is split into logic, philosophy & psychology 

Buddhism is not about blind faith, it is about analysis and practice

Having a good grasp of logic, and logical methods is key.

Without logic, we cannot analyse what is being said to determine validity. 

After logically understanding, use meditation to let go of conceptual thinking.

Conceptual thinking can lead to cognitive obscurations, beware of them. 

Modern physics shows us the influence of the observer on an object. 

Quantum physics, can be used to better understand 'emptiness'

Abandon eternalism & nihlism (objects are not as solid as we think) 

If you cannot analyse your own errors, you will not advance. 

Beware of your tendencies, subdue the cravings in your mind. 

Sensual pleasure is like saltwater - it makes you more thirsty. 

Without strong personal ethics, you can't develop wisdom.  

Beware of people that distract you with worldly things.

Seek virtuous friends. 

Study the 10 qualities of the right teacher:

1. A disciplined mind
2. A calmed mind 
3. A mind that mastered the higher training in wisdom of no-self
4. Knowledge exceeding that of the student.
5. Energy and enthusiasm for teaching the student.
6. Vast learning in order to draw examples and citations.
7. Realization of emptiness or a strong commitment to the practice of emptiness on the basis of deep admiration for the teachings on it.
8. Eloquence and skill in presenting the teaching.
9. Deep compassion and concern for the well-being of the student.
10. Resilience and patience with the student. 

Overcome destructive emotions. 

For those who steal or kill you, let them, never lose compassion. 

Develop altruistic intension (read Shantideva Bodhisattva way of life).
Practice Tonglen meditation to build this quality.

Note: These notes cover the first day of a three day retreat.