Practical Motoring Interview - 9 May 2016 

 “The car must be easy to control, agile. Every aspect must be fun [ not just the driving ]. The driver must be able to really have a conversation with the car, together, not just one way. If the driver is bad, the car should not obey. But if the driver makes a mistake, the car should help. In a normal car, the car should cover for the driver. In a 
sportscar, it should refuse or reject the driver.”


“the rigidity is better”, explaining that this was achieved through a new method to construct the body panels, however the weight remains the same.  


Tada-san said he is “considering” torque vectoring, 


Is Toyota working on a new car? “Yes, already working on a new-generation 86”. What that will be we don’t know. But it doesn’t look like forced-induction (turbo or supercharging) is on the cards. Tada-san says “the package cannot accept a turbo”, explaining there would be “too much power”.