Lightest ND MX-5 Concept ​

Weight impacts all areas of a car, dynamics, acceleration, and fuel economy to name a few. I was inspired to explore this after reducing weight in my Toyota GT86. The MX-5 has a 2.0L engine, and with some tuning, it is comparable to the FA20 motor. 

The Toyota GT86 Weighs 1250kg from the factory, while the ND MX-5 starts at 1050kg, 16% less. The engineering team behind the ND-MX 5 used a process called 'gram strategy' which looked at every component, down to the bolts to reduce weight. 

So, the question is how much weight can you reduce from there? 

Assuming a large wallet and parts availible on the market, that number is 82kg which is 7.8% less than stock.


The carbon doors and driveshaft while in this analysis, will be taken out simply as the do not represent good value for money and the doors, a compromise in safety. Without them, the car drops 50kg in weight, or a 5% overall reduction. This is in line with a weight-optimised car from the factory. 


Comparing it to my Toyota 86 @ 1250kg, the 1000kg ND MX-5 represents a massive 20% reduction in weight. It would be an interesting car to drive. 


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