Melaka International Motorsport Circuit​ Guide

The MIMC circuit is really a large go-kart track which has a fun layout and poor runoff area. In planning for this track, special attention has to be given to minimising risk on the straights and long sweeper in the clockwise orientation.  

Here are some general notes for the course that will hopefully help you achieve a faster lap. 


Corners 1, 2 & 3 are the keys to laptime in this course, and exit speed needs to be maximised in either direction. In the clockwise direction, threshold braking will allow you to bleed off speed over corner 3. 


Even though I am not in the ideal torque band for corners 4b, 5, 6 and 7, I like to take all of them in a single gear, using left foot braking to rotate the car into the turns. The less you shift, the faster you will be if you plan it right. 


Corner 8 has a strange friction transition, one which I do not fully understand. There could be some camber distortions that need to be studied more, so in the meantime, a slow in fast out approach is probably best. 




The track planning worksheet is below if you would like to download it and plan your hot lap. You will need to choose gearing and apexes based on your car & driving style. 


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MIMC track planning guide. 

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Corner 9 to 10 (and corner 4a to b) are the reducing radius corners or increasing radius corners depending on race direction. 


This means that optimising mid-corner speed through a form of mild drifting to set the car up for the exit is key. Car tires achieve maximum grip as they are transitioning from full grip to full slip. 

The ideas is to slide the car between 6-8 degrees, and gradually reducing the slip angle as you reach the apex and blast out.