What does a snail feel like? Carrying a home on your back allows for some deeper exploration, and the little Suzuki got us from Europe to North Africa with absolutely no problems at all. 

The van bed itself is around 2 meters in length and 1.6 meters in width, which is about the size of a small double bed. The design was so simple, it don't think I ever bothered to sketch a plan. Raise the floor of the van so that you could sit up comfortably inside, and create storage underneath. The two features that were retrofitted was a pull out fridge (for butter, milk and vegetables) as well as an awning that could be extended behind, for a ghetto gravity fed shower or just to change. 

The only real mechanical work was to ensure that it was well maintained, and added BFG rally tires on the wheels for additional traction and puncture resistance. If I had to do it over again, I would have liked to raise the ride height a little more to be able to explore off-road a bit more as well as add a locking differential for better traction. The Suzuki Carry is a criminally underrated platform, and I miss it.