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Chasing A Balanced MX-5

Almost every conceivable engine has been shoehorned into the humble MX-5, from rotaries to v12s. Outside of inline 4 engine swaps, the V8 swapped Miata would be the most common choice, and the LS1 might be the most common engine from that lot. 

The LS1 V8 engine is truly an automotive marvel, and it adds 48kg to the front of a NA/NB chassis miata, and another 24kg to the rear, as the transmission, driveshaft, differential and half-shafts are swapped out. Most V6 conversions mate the engine to the existing gearbox and being aluminium, they weigh around the same is the original cast iron BP engine. 

Resale value of different engine swaps will swing wildly. Svrex posted this on the grassroots motorsport website in 2018: 

A nicely done LS Miata has some serious resale value.  $20K or more.

Plenty sell for more than $30K

A clean 5.0 Miata will seem outdated- resale will max out at about $15k

A K swapped Miata is also desirable, and will fetch a solid $20K + A J swapped Miata, or a V6 is a sub $10K car, even if very clean.

A UZ Miata is a bastard child that you will have to give away.

They all take the same amount of effort to build.

K8 KLZE Weights Actual Figures! Sorry for the delay everyone, New Years and work got in the way....   Motors have been weighted with oil and exhaust manifolds, But  No water,no flywheel, no Inlet manifold assy, no Auxiliary parts i.e.  A/c pump, P/s pump, tensioner brackets   K8 = 123kgs  KLZE = 126kgs   Alternator = 5kgs  P/S Pump Assy = 3kgs  A/C Pump = 6.5kgs  Tensioner Bracket Assy = 1kgs  Inlet mainafold and throttle body = 15kgs.   Hope this solves a lot of the misconceptions